What is Fokus?

Fokus is an analytical engineering tool whereby you can gather information from many sources in one place (from websites, CRM application or any software or device which has an API) and instantly analyze them in real time.

Fokus will analyze the data, detect problems and threats, and suggest respective solutions. You don't have to remember to check on Fokus - just configure the alert settings once.

Fokus will contact and inform (you and a designated person in your team) about a problem and will suggest a solution.

Fokus is:

  • an analytical tool with which you will be able to gather data scattered across your organization
  • your electronic pulse - with it you will always know what is going on in your business, company, organization
  • a tool with which you can connect whatever you want: your company's CRM, social network and even a weight measurement application or gamification
  • an effective way to: detect and eliminate issues connected to hosting, blog or store software, positioning, PR crises

Examples of where Fokus can be used

Interactive / Advertising agency

A lot of people who collaborate with a lot of clients work in your agency. Clients need reports which you manually create by synthesizing information from multiple sources. Fokus will solve this problem - Just say from which channels you need to create such a report (Facebook? Google Analytics? AdWords?) and you will create it in an instant (with a pretty layout and with your client's logo). You have created a campaign and you want to check its effect in many places? Use Fokus.

Media house

Your clients pay you because they want their brand to be the most visible in the media. You want to show them that you know which channels and which media they should advertise in. Thanks to Fokus you can discover new websites and communities where your client and their brand should be. Additionally, after a campaign, you can, quickly and easily, create a report containing all the necessary information. You don't want to work on weekends? Use Fokus.


Do you want to improve conversion rates? You know that your business can be functioning better but you don't know how to do it? Fokus will analyze and show you the "bottlenecks" in your store. We will check whether, for example, your hosting provider provides the connection, whether you make use of the SEO/SEM or whether you can convert the traffic from social media. Thanks to Fokus you will find out what to change and improve in order to earn more.


Hundreds of websites, landing pages, channels in social media. Fokus will help you organize it and gather in one place. Additionally, you will receive hints on what to change in order to achieve higher viewership and advertising sales. Do you want to improve the communication between departments? Take better care of the flow of crucial data? It's simple.

PR agency

Do you care about the reputation and collaboration with media for your client? You want to know, here and now, what can be heard about them, where and in what context. You want to know which journalist wrote the information that you have been asking for. Thanks to Fokus you can not only monitor the media but also investigate the place for the information about your client to result in the increase of the target group awareness.


Fokus will improve the process of managing multiple websites, landing pages, campaigns and collaboration with external agencies. You have conducted a campaign within your portal and you want to measure its effect? You want to check, in an easy and simple way, if a TV commercial has increased the number of visitors to the website? Do you want to unblock the communication between teams? Or, maybe you want to take control of campaign effects and the work of a media house and advertising agency?

Bloggers / Vloggers

You want to know what is being said about you, where it takes place and how. You need information how to form your message in order to get to a larger group of readers / viewers. You want to track responses to your creativity - Fokus offers you all this. Fokus will tell you where to place your texts, when to publish a video and through which channels your presence will get you more viewers/readers. Additionally, you will be receiving current information about problems and errors which may occur. Remember that a blog which is not working is a non-profitable blog. Interested?


You are using different tools and software in your organization? Would you like to have one place where all data would be stored? Or, maybe would you like to share data with other people at different positions?

White Label

For companies that want to have their own tool under their brand we offer Fokus in the white label model. All the features and capabilities of our tool are at your disposal. Interested? Contact us on this matter.

Individual implementations

If you wish, Fokus is at your disposal - you can freely change it, form it, and connect new mechanisms and services to it. We are able to connect and start analyzing any system, service or device that has an API. Controlling parking spaces at a shopping center, the flow of packages at a post office, the intensity of traffic, the number of chocolate bars purchased in a store or the level of CO2 in a room? No problem! Contact us on this matter.

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