„As a video game developer, we constantly measure and analyze what our fans say about our productions, what social media platforms do they use to publish their reviews and how does online marketing really impact our sales.

In our work we use Fokus, a tool that enables us to see data from various sources gathered in one place. Fokus not only allows us to analyze the data, but also gives us hints that tell us what to fix and what should we pay attention to.

Fokus saves us time as community managers, enhances communication with Witcher fans and creates visually stunning reports in an instant. Fokus is like a good Witcher elixir – it packs a solid punch :)”

Marcin Momot - Community Manager in CD PROJEKT RED - studio that created Witcher series and Cyberpunk 2077.

The Grand Orchestra of Christmas Charity

„Tasks that are being performed in the Grand Orchestra of Christmas Charity are very peculiar and are not limited to organizing The Grand Finale or the Woodstock Festival Poland.

We create new projects throughout the year and organize dozens of events, we keep in touch with our fans, donors and volunteers.

In GOCC Fokus helps us immediately navigate through our online projects, and see what is well and what needs to be fixed.

Thanks to Fokus' Hint Center we know what needs to be changed or amended to make our websites and social media profiles more efficient and create even more positive energy. We will continue to use Fokus until the end of time and the day after :)”

Anna Jadwiga Orzech - Internet Communications Specialist at GOCC

The Grand Orchestra of Christmas Charity

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